[insert-author-info] The SMPS-NY Coordinators Club was lucky to have Meredith Lovejoy, Associate Principal, Director of Global Marketing,  Shen Milsom & Wilke share her presentation on The History & Evolution of Marketing in the A/E/C Industry with us at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates this past week. Broken into four major sections titled Humble Beginnings, Evolution, Where We are Now & What Marketing is, and the Future, Meredith covered the past, present and a look forward as she described the word of mouth marketing that existed for most of the 19th century until the Society of  Birddoggers now known as the SMPS was founded in 1973. Meredith described how “The role of the marketing professional has moved beyond its original purpose of proposal production and has evolved to include business strategy, corporate identity and brand, team building, strategic hires, and mergers or acquisitions, and all of this in addition to new business development, proposal writing, and communications.”

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Attendees’ eyes were opened into what their predecessors dealt with in the past  ‘good ol’ boys network’ and opportunities that are ripe for them now.  Once thought of as back room assistants, marketers, business developers and communication experts now take on leadership roles at their firms, command more respect in the industry, and offer valuable wisdom that propels firms forward and enhances their brands. Meredith stressed that as our roles have evolved, hit rates and ROI must be evaluated with a different perspective as well.  Today social media and online presence is a huge part of positioning a firm.  Personal reputation is also more important than ever. Marketers can powerfully craft their personal brands to add value to the reputation of their firms. Showcasing her great marketing expertise, Meredith’s entire presentation was full of footnotes and ended with a great call for action for marketers to embrace the future of the AEC industry and be agents for change to move our firms and professions towards a brighter future. Another great tip from Meredith is to always express your gratitude, thank you Meredith for sharing with the Coordinators Club on this interesting and informative topic! Click here to view photos from the Coordinators Club. [/expand]