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Carrie Snyder Director of Marketing Leslie E. Robertson Associates

Carrie Snyder
  • Director, SMPS-NY Coordinators Club
Jonas Foster, Senior Associate of HLB Lighting Design presented Branding Brilliance to the Coordinators Club, who were excited to hear it was possible to “Take your brand from “blah” to “bam” and, do it all in-house! It CAN be done!” HLB’s brand is so well thought out that they even branded their brand, hence Branding Brilliance!

[expand title=”Click here to read more…”] HLB has multiple offices and is growing, they had a vibrant color palette on the various offices business cards based on Partner’s favorite colors and wanted to grow a complete new brand for the firm from those roots combined with the tremendous portfolio of quality work in HLB’s portfolio. Jonas was hired with that goal in mind and hit the ground running evaluating and utilizing HLB’s existing marketing staff’s expertise and hiring additional staff to round out the talent pool which includes Marketing, Branding, Communications, Graphics and Business Development. Jonas gave a Prezi presentation explaining the various goals and steps in the rebranding, one of the first steps was to set a realistic budget with strategic goals. HLB was determined to complete the initial phase of their rebranding within one year. Jonas talked us through the important components of a successful brand, and stressed keeping it simple. HLB’s brand is backed up by it’s strong brand tagline “We believe in the power of light.” Jonas’s team developed brand guidelines for the entire firm to refer to which gives rules and guidance regarding brand colors, brand logos, brand typography, and brand vernacular. To maximize the impact of their work, photos and images were brought to the forefront of all graphics with large full size images used with minimal text throughout all materials. The end result is an impactful, thoughtful, descriptive and memorable impression of HLB. They created new brochures and proposal materials, swag giveaways including fun coasters and matches (which were thoughtfully distributed to the group), an entirely new social media presence and campaign, and internal marketing books and the very educational presentation we were viewing that used indelible talking heads for extra impact. Following the how to presentation, Jonas talked us through a number of their recent brochures including “The Daylight Dynamic”, “Reaching New Lights in 2014, HLB’s Year End Success Story”, and of course “HLB’s Branding Brilliance, Welcome to Everything HLB”. Each was beautiful to look at and easy to understand. Jonas stressed to the group “If you (the marketing professionals) don’t understand your materials, how can you expect anyone else to?” One year after launching the rebranding effort, the firm saw enormous results in hit rates and financially and won an incredible 17 industry awards including 4 SMPS awards! Hosted at the offices of Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA), the group was eager to discuss Jonas’ success story and next steps. One of the key questions was how to get Principals on board with a much needed rebrand. Jonas indicated it was important to keep them informed of the big picture and goals but keep the project moving ahead while the details were being worked out. Next on board for HLB is a a new website incorporating the new brand. We are excited to see what is in store. Thanks for the illumination Jonas and HLB! View photos from the event.[/expand]