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Attendees viewed the second part of the Creative Workshop Series live from 5 locations. Langan, LERA, First Environment, KG&D and GPI hosted respectively from Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island. Where did you attend from? Building off of the January’s InDesign basic training, Claudia McCue took us from walk to run with this intermediate tutorial. In a mere two hours she oriented us with master pages, numbering pages and sections, using layers wisely, customizing lists, nesting character and paragraph styles, constructing columns, manipulating tab stops, managing text frames and organizing tables. McCue offered dynamic solutions to formatting documents, peppering many of these functions with handy keyboard shortcuts. See McCue keeping everyone’s hands busy in the pictures from each location here. Are you interested in attending the upcoming Social Media & Web Tools and/or Photoshop workshops? Registration is free on the event pages.