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Olivia Farquharson
Hundreds of A/E/C professionals gathered in the heart of New York City at CUNY Graduate Center to talk openly and honestly about business development, marketing and leadership at the 10th annual, SMPS-NY TME – THE Marketing Event.

[expand title=”Click here to read more about THE Marketing Event…”] In terms of marketing there isn’t another event like it in the industry. The “Big Ideas” themed summit provided an engaging experience with topics that ranged from ‘Marketer as Change Agent’ and ‘Business Development Research and Interview Strategies’ to ‘Designing Effective Social Responsibility Programs that will Embrace the Next Generation of Leaders’, all aimed at helping attendees to grow in expertise and network. Key Takeaways Marketing strategy involves more than the marketing team: In order for business leaders to make better decisions about services, prospects, existing customers, brand and the competition; marketing strategies need to align with business strategy. More firms are breaking down the silos and seeing the need to connect marketing, enterprise-wide. The Client Perspective: A generic presentation about your firm and your services is not going to win business. If you are blessed with a face-to-face meeting, the client wants to hear how you can solve their problems and see that a good rapport can be established. The sales process begins long before the client reaches out to you. They are researching and gathering all the information they desire about you via the Internet. Make sure that the information they find shows you are a thought leader; otherwise you may never get to the door. CRM | Big Data | Marketing Automation: Times are changing and A/E/C firms are finally seeing the value in CRM programs. The ability to have a centralized database that allows you to track data on clients, contacts, leads, opportunities and past projects in real time is vital to success. These programs allow marketers to analyze large quantities of data quickly, which is essential for predictive marketing (delivering the right message, at the right time, in a way that helps the end user understand how you can serve them). Marketing content: Simplicity is key. Make your points brief and clear. Next Year: I’d like to see more discussion about digital marketing. Digital presence and digital experience are becoming increasingly important. While your website needs to tell a compelling story, so does the content displayed on your smartphone and tablet. According to comScore, mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January 2014 while PC’s were at 45%. This means marketers will need to consider implementing responsive design, and optimizing their content for multiple devices. I’ll close with a quote from the keynote speaker, Tom Scarangello, Chairman of Thornton Tomasetti who said, “An idea without marketing is just a thought, but with marketing it’s a movement”. Let that be encouragement as well as a challenge to all marketers- you can add and deliver enormous business value. I wish you a successful year and see you on November 6th at the next TME. [/expand]