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Above the Noise – Building Buzz through Collaborative PR is an evening PD session on April 20, 2017 centering on the topic of Public Relations (PR) and getting the word out, building buzz and showcasing value among prospects and industry partners. More covertly, this session will enlighten attendees to break bad patterns such as: You spend hours crafting the perfect press release or a brilliant and vibrant email blast about that fantastic project your firm just finished. You squeezed the task in between RFP deadlines because the firm’s leadership insisted that people needed to know about it. You do your best crafting the story with the time at hand, hit the “send” or “post” button and hope for the best – at least that it will read and appreciated. Then you set to work deleting “noise” from your in box, most likely emails similar to the one you just sent. Later, if there’s time, you can see how many hits, likes or opens there were, but in the end, you never really know if your effort hit the intended mark. This interactive panel discussion will explore the power of Collaborative PR as a way to strengthen messaging, build ties with colleagues and peers and incorporate a more strategic approach to getting great stories out to the people that need to know about them. Senior Editor of Architectural Record will moderate a discussion among panelists which includes a Director of Communications of an AEC firm, a PR expert and a client. Discussion topics are oriented to unlocking your superpowers to craft PR outcomes that can resonate above the noise. After an evening among the super agent panel, you’ll gain insights about connecting messaging with strategy, generating more cohesive and inspiring materials and reinforcing your value as a team player within your firm and beyond. Click here to register for the event.