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Genesis Vasquez Marketing Assistant HLB Lighting Design

Genesis Vasquez
We all know that architectural photography is a mainstay of the A/E/C community. But, there’s no harm in broadening our horizons and seeking new inspirations to showcase projects. The physical achievements of architecture are spectacular and our fascination with photographing them is well warranted. But, how about expanding that reach with video?

[expand title=”Click here to read more about the upcoming “Lights, Camera, Action!”…”] Film Producer, Ian Harris, says “The AEC industry is following the evolution of content and communications into the medium of video that other industries have been adapting for the past decade. You have to remember that YouTube was only founded in 2005, so this is a relatively new medium but its widespread proliferation and engagement along with real trackable analytics make it a powerful tool that individual companies are only now beginning to tap into. As the cost of video production and creation has declined dramatically, and the industry’s financial books have finally balanced after the recession, we see the moment for the medium of video to begin in ernest. I see it as a new tool in our communications and marketing toolshed along with websites, blogs, photographs, brochures, books, etc. that has an extremely powerful ability to show and tell the stories behind the built environment we all help create.” Setting your firm apart continues to reach new limits. In offering an array of interesting tips on how and why to pitch video for your firm, ex-architectural designer turned film producer, Ian Harris, of Arbuckle Industries will present a step by step process on what you can and should be doing to start using video to market your firm. Join us on Thursday, February 19th from 5:30 PM to 8 PM. [/expand]