Featured Author

Jane Felsen Gertler

Director of Marketing

Howard L. Zimmerman Architects

According to the New York Building Congress, New York City remains the highest ‘cost of construction’ market in the United States, with costs expected to accelerate at roughly the current rate of one percent per quarter through 2017.

How to manage all this work? On March 8th, we’ll talk to a group of Owner’s Representatives who will discuss why their involvement on building projects is advantageous to the project; how their Project Management team improves project flow, communication, scheduling and ability to stay on budget. And what NYC’s architectural, engineering and construction consultants can do to be selected for their project teams.

Panelists include:

  • Dana Panzarino, recently elevated to partner at VVA, has 30 years of experience.
  • Julie Geden of Zubatkin who does a great deal of work in the cultural and performing arts sector.
  • Robert Gorton of Colliers, who spent time with Tishman during the years they soared from 10 to 1200 in staff.
  • And Ken Levien, of Levien & Company Project Management who was an Architect when he founded Levien & Company in 1992.

While some consultants prefer to work directly with building owners, this panel will share what they bring to the project and how their presence promises a better outcome for all. What’s their role in selecting project consultants? What do SMPS marketers and firm principals need to do to get on their list of preferred consultants? I’m looking forward to discussing these issues and more on March 8th, 8 AM at the CUNY Grad Center.

Visit the event page to register for the client panel.