[insert-author-info] The A/E/C industry is evolving within a society that continually changes how it communicates, learns and buys services. The buzz words are out there… Thought Leadership, Differentiation, Content Marketing and Branding. Where can you get the information you need as a professional Marketer? Come to THE Marketing Event (TME), the SMPS-NY Chapter’s annual full day conference on Friday, November 6th. Themed New Horizons – Create | Engage | Inspire, TME 2015 focuses on the transformation we all need to understand and where we go next.

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Once marketing focused almost exclusively on supporting the process from RFP to Proposal to Interview but that landscape is changing; requiring new skills and new tools. Firm leadership is learning that the marketing department plays a larger role in securing new work and marketing professionals are thinking more strategically about their firm’s identity in the marketplace. Simultaneously, the way our services are procured is evolving just as rapidly as our clients are going on line to vet potential partner firms and consultants. These prospective clients do extensive research about their needs and are more informed and self-sufficient. The most successful of marketers and business developers will find which tools and skills we most need in our firms AND how to become the resource or clients are looking for. We’ve put together an amazing day of sessions and speakers! Some of the highlights include:

• Keynote address by Susan Murphy, Murphy Motivation & Training

Leading in Times of Rapid Change with Stephen Cluney, CEO & President, The Mosaic Strategy

Millennials Will Inherit the Industry, panel discussion with Brent Robertson, Partner, FATHOM (moderator); Erin Gehan, Marketing Manager, Dewberry; Jim Moran, CEO/Founder, CO OP Brand Partners; Keith Kennedy, Associate, Director of Marketing, STUDIOS Architecture; Mitch Orkis, SVP Marketing, CO OP Brand Partners

Business Development Strategies for New Firms & Legacy Firms – Maintain Their Brand with a New Edge, panel discussion with Terri-Lee Berger, Partner, Abel Bainnson Butz, LLP; Aaron Schwarz, AIA, Founder & Principal of Plan A; Richard Garlock, PE, Associate Partner, Leslie E. Robertson Associates

Build Your Brand in 4 Easy Steps with Dr. Tami Hausman & Troy Vázquez-Cain of Hausman

BD Live Lite, panel discussion with David Geller, Director, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Robert Maffia, PE, Vice President of Facilities and Campus Operations, Stevens Institute of Technology; and Charles S. Maggio, Managing Director, Northeast at CBRE Healthcare

These are just a few of the great people that you will hear from at TME. To find out more about how TME 2015 will help with where your firm goes next. Go here Asimos, CPSM, Tim, “Going Beyond RFPs and Proposals-Transforming Your Firm’s Marketing with a Modern, Strategic, and Proactive Approach” SMPS MARKETER April 2015: 22-23. Print. To find out more about how TME 2015 will help with where your firm goes next. Link to article under Publications to Read. [/expand]