Anastasia Guadron

Creative Director


  I like to think of the Westchester Affiliate as the marketing variety show of SMPS-NY committees one could join. No, we’re not going to ask you to dance or know the card before you even see it or pull a sparkly rabbit out of a top hat. Although, I will say many of our committee members are magical. With a responsibility to facilitate programming in and surrounding Westchester County, our year is generally made of two programs, networking events, and professional development webinars. We work alongside the strength and support of the other SMPS-NY committees, giving Westchester committee members a true integration into the many gears of our chapter. This structure lends to many different “acts” that make up our year, our variety show. In job speak: we engage in the diverse skills of a marketer. That means whether you want to learn more about event planning, writing, building on business development skills, designing, or strategizing, there are multiple opportunities to do so. Try chairing PR for one program and take on event planning for Spirits! Home to firms doing local, regional, and national work, the Westchester Affiliate ensures content that is current to the climate of our area and the needs of our growing membership. Our programs are spread out and give you plenty of time to dig in, explore the benefits, and connect. From our annual Mayors’ Program to a group golf lesson, we bring together the local community and open opportunities to meet those changing the places we are living in. I heard someone, for the first time in a long time, use the phrase “bridge and tunnel” to describe those outside of New York City. I believe it was used as an observation on footwear but regardless, it stuck. Just a few days later, we kicked off our first quarterly Spirits with AIA, NSPE, CREW, and ASHRAE. The committee worked with volunteers from each organization. Architects, directors, engineers, and real estate developers formed a [magical] team to fortify an event that changed the way we network. Standing there with the “bridge and tunnel” comment on the brim of my brain, I thought: we are the bridge. This is why SMPSNY is so special. We form connections, enhance our skills, put our ideas on the table and all while benefiting our development and the development of the community we are actively participating in. It’s a chance to impact the way our programming and marketing influences firms of all sizes and in all places. If you want to hear more about what we’re up to, attend an event, talk about the possibilities, or learn how to create sparkly rabbits please reach out to me directly at Hope to see you soon! SaveSave