Featured Author

Jackie Terpstra

Marketing & Communications Manager

Dominick R. Pilla Associates, Inc.

  • Director, SMPS-NY Special Events Committee

Event planning, what could be more fun than that?

Are you an awesome, creative, motivated, out-of-the-box thinker with great people skills? If you have these qualities, you can say that you are a born event planner and are bound to be a rock star on the Special Events Committee!

Our mission is to build camaraderie, encourage the growth of our membership, and provide additional opportunities for chapter networking – all while having a little FUN along the way! We create memorable events to bring members and non-members together, celebrate chapter successes, and thank members for all they do. Several of our themed events, such as our annual Holiday Party and the Liberty Ball, are the go-to events of the year for the Chapter. Others include seasonal spirits events and the member appreciation event. Depending on the event, we meet either monthly or on a bi-monthly basis to further our event planning activities. Committee members take on specific tasks related to the special event being planned.

Right now, we are busy little elves coordinating all of the night’s events for this year’s grand finale, the holiday party #MingleAlltheWay. From creating a theme, to designing invites and signage, to searching venues, to coordinating with catering and entertainment vendors – we’ve reimagined every last detail to send the year out with a bang! For more info about the night’s festivities, head over to our event page here.

Why Join?

Our committee creates networking and social environments that attract hundreds of professionals, just like you, to ditch the office scene and have some fun. We are the social component within the Chapter, and the planning of each of our events requires reaching out to the membership as a whole. If you enjoy planning and hosting events, meeting new chapter members, and task-specific assignments, this is the committee for you.

If you want to hear more about what we’re up to, attend an event or talk about the possibilities, please reach out to me directly at terpstraj@drpilla.com

Hope to see you soon!