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Kristy Cerullo

Marketing Manager

First Environment

  • Member, SMPS-NY
  • Director, New Jersey Affiliate


How to know if you’re from New Jersey:

  • You talk in terms of highway exits
  • You go “down the shore” in the summer
  • You’ve heard someone give detailed street by street directions to their favorite Italian restaurant (It’s probably in Paterson. Or Montclair.)
  • You pump your own gas


You have one of these:

If this sounds familiar, the New York Chapter has a group for you – the New Jersey Affiliate!

We host all the same types of events held in NYC but on the greener side of the river. Client panels – we have them. Networking events – we drink at them. Professional development training– we simulcast them live at a single location, so you don’t have to learn InDesign all by your lonesome. If you come to any of these events, chances are you’ll meet other marketing and AEC professionals doing business in the metro area who can share lessons learned and maybe even hook you up for a future bid (or gig). And everyone is so welcoming and friendly; trust me, the hardest part of one of our events will be finding a place to park – and we even help with that!

The best thing about pitching in on the New Jersey Affiliate is that there’s a role for wherever you want your career to take you. Want to grow your professional network and become a business development all-star for your firm? We’ll team you up with a fellow committee member for membership outreach tasks! Want to better understand the digital tools used for communications, social media, and email marketing? We’ll hook you up with our communications experts so you can vamp on NJ events! Want to travel back in time and fix that typo on the cover of your last proposal submittal? …We can’t help with that, but we can commiserate with you over drinks.  

Seriously, we’re really good at that.

If you live or work in the Garden State – or if your company does business on both sides of the river – I hope we’ll see you at a New Jersey Affiliate event or committee meeting soon. Hit me up for details at kcerullo@firstenvironment.com.

  • New Jersey:  Once you get out of Newark it really doesn’t smell that bad.
  • New Jersey:  Where you can literally get good pizza literally anywhere. Literally.
  • New Jersey:  Where your dreams of experiencing blizzard conditions and sunburn in the same week come true.
  • New Jersey:  I told you our airport sucks.