Although summer is winding down, SMPS New York has kept the heat up with fun and informative August happenings, including a carnival-themed Member Appreciation Event on August 14th and a vision-focused Leadership Lunch on August 18th. For the Member Appreciation Event, Inscape Showroom was transformed into a virtual Coney Island boardwalk, with freshly popped popcorn, cotton candy, and a rooftop deck overlooking all the action in the Meatpacking District. Attendee and SMPS-NY member Pauline Fraser, MBA, of AFG Group, Inc. said of the event, “The Coney Island theme was definitely unique and gave the event a “carefree” feeling. This event showed that SMPS does not only educate but the members are given the opportunity to learn about each other in a different atmosphere. As a result of the Member Appreciation Event, I met several other members that I never met before and now I will be serving on the Programs Committee.

[expand title=”Read the rest of the article here…”] SMPS opens the door to several opportunities, and challenges each member to discover his or her inner talent while growing in the industry.” Click HERE to see photos from the event. “The Member Appreciation Event was a fun and festive way to culminate the 2013-14 year,” said Carolyn A. Schultz, Marketing and Business Development Manager at The Clarient Group, LLC. “Also, it enabled us to recap and recognize the achievements of our chapter and its committees and leaders over the past year. Now I feel even more energized for next year!” The recent Leadership Lunch entitled “Taking Leadership from Zero to Sixty: A Case Study” allowed members to capitalize on the experience of AEC entrepreneur Jennifer Carey, CEO and Founding Principal of JLC Environmental Consultants, Inc. Jennifer’s earnest account of her struggles and successes in building her own company offered attendees an intimate view into the career of a strong leader who brings out the best in herself and her company. As Carolyn Schultz noted, “Jennifer provided an inspirational and insightful–while also candid and humble–overview of her story as a leader ‘from zero to sixty.’ Her experience and the way she described it demonstrate the wide variety of qualities that contribute to a leader’s success–being a constant go-getter with a fearless, persistent, enthusiastic attitude combined with an energetic drive and sense of purpose–as well as knowing the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong, solid staff and network of friends. Many thanks to Jennifer for sharing her story and expertise, and kudos to the SMPS-NY Chapter Leadership Committee for recognizing Jennifer as an outstanding person to feature at a Leadership Lunch.” Kristin Liu, LEED AP, Business Development Associate at Syska Hennessy Group, Inc., also shared her experience of the discussion. “I found the Leadership Lunch very fulfilling. It gave me an added insight into being a leader by listening to Jennifer Carey’s approach to running her company. I love the notion that she empowers her staff to think creatively by setting expectations that team members need to come up with two solutions before approaching their managers with an issue. The story of how she got started was also memorable. The message that most resonated with me was that Jennifer didn’t have an exact roadmap when she started out creating her company. Instead, she acted out of necessity to get out of a bad situation. Opportunities were presented to her and she embraced them which ultimately led her to creating her own firm. The lesson here is ‘Don’t wait until you have a perfect plan to act. Take small steps and adjust along the way.’” Join us for the next SMPS Leadership Lunch “Situational Leadership 101”, which is taking place Friday, September 19th, from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM at Superstructures (32 Avenue of the Americas). Email Sara Francini for more info. For a full day of leadership learning and other professional development opportunities, be sure to attend SMPS-NY’s 10th annual THE Marketing Event 2014: Big Ideas on November 7th at the CUNY Graduate Center in midtown.

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Alicia Koledin, Assoc. AIA
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Alicia Koledin