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MARKETER’S TOOLBOX | Keeping Relationships Organized

April 12th, 2018

Featured Author

Michelle Santoro, CPSM

Director of Business Development

Skanska USA Building Inc.

A large part of business development, be it your full time job or a function you support among other responsibilities, is keeping track of where your clients are, where they go, decision making and hierarchy within their organization(s). This can of course be applied to whatever type of firm or institution you define as a client (architect, engineer, contractor, institution, etc).  It may seem simple but physically mapping an organization chart can go a long way in staying up to date and on top of relationships.


MARKETER’S TOOLBOX | 5 Ways To Refine Your Marketing Strategy

November 16th, 2017

Featured Author

Tim Asimos

VP & Director of Digital Innovation

Circle S Studio

A solid marketing strategy should be at the center of an A/E/C firm’s marketing plan—defining and directing every facet of the firm’s marketing activities. Whether your firm’s marketing is operating on tactics, an outdated strategy or you are simply looking to make some improvements, here are five ways that can help you refine your marketing strategy.


EVENT RECAP | 2017 Creative Workshop Series Part IV: Photoshop

July 21st, 2017

Featured Author

Michelle Santoro CPSM


  • SMPS-NY Director of Professional Development

SMPS NY wrapped up our 4-part Creative Workshop Series on July 18 with a session on “Photoshop” facilitated by Chad Chelius of Chelius Graphic Services.  32 participants joined us from 4 locations (Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey) while Chad reviewed an interesting history of the Adobe Suite evolution, image resolution, tonal and color adjustments and more.

Find out what we covered in our 3 previous workshops in this series, InDesign Part 1, InDesign Part 2 and Social Media/Webtools and keep an eye out for details on next year’s series!

TALENT WARS | Looking for that Marketing Rockstar? Stop Looking, and Make One Yourself.

July 6th, 2017

Featured Author

Keith Kennedy

Associate, Director of Marketing

STUDIOS Architecture

Keith Kennedy

Everyone—from principal to marketing team lead—seems to be looking for that one-in-a-million “rockstar.” I mean, who isn’t these days? But everyone seems to think they have to find someone who is already that rockstar. As early as 2014, Linda Hill, Harvard Business School professor, and Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, senior adviser at Egon Zehnder, noted in an interview that the future of talent wars depends on potential. Yet, when I talk to fellow hiring managers among the A/E/C community they all talk of a talent drought and their feeling that the only way to get top talent is to “poach” someone from another firm. (more…)

MARKETER’S TOOLBOX | CRM – Getting to Know You

May 17th, 2017

Featured Author

Nathan Reyna

Marketing Coordinator

Goshow Architects

  • Member, SMPS-NY
  • Public Relations Committee

Technology continues to play a major role in our everyday lives as marketers, especially in the ever-evolving A/E/C industry. One of the major components of this day-to-day management is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We all know it, we all use it, but do we really understand WHY CRM is so important?


MARKETER’S TOOLBOX | Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

April 18th, 2017

Featured Author

David Grant


Grant PR, Inc.

David Grant
  • PR Committee

Many people across the political spectrum have been discussing how best to use social media amid today’s controversies. Some time ago, Grant PR posted to our blog: “Stop: Don’t Send That Tweet!”

There’s a lesson here for anyone involved in the business of politics – or the politics of business – that is just as relevant today. (more…)

EVENT RECAP | 2017 Creative Workshop Series Part III: Social Media & Web Tools

March 28th, 2017

Featured Author

Bonny Yau

Marketing/Communications Coordinator



As a group of us huddled together at Gensler’s Midtown office, we joined Julie Huval, CPSM, and four other locations for an engaging, interactive webinar as part of the Creative Workshop Series. Focusing on the topic of Social Media and Web Tools, the online webinar format was wholly appropriate. As marketing in the A/C/E industry, and across all industries, is becoming increasingly digital, a firm’s online presence—through an official website, social media outlets, and email campaigns—becomes ever more important. Julie’s workshop laid out the argument for analytics, stressing the ability and flexibility of data to offer proof of whether marketing is working or not, guide strategy, and achieve buy-in from management. Furthermore, she offered tools and tips to properly manage and analyze data to shape strategies beneficial to each firm’s specific needs. (more…)

MARKETER’S TOOLBOX | P.S. A Coordinator’s Take: More Ways to ‘Un-Mess’

March 8th, 2017

Featured Author

Zennia R. de Mesa

Marketing Coordinator

Rogers Partners

Zennia de Mesa

If you have not read Paige Irvine’s recap on the most recent Professional Development event, “Are You Stressed Because Your Proposal is a Mess?” – hit the pause button and go see her article. There are many takeaways from that panel, for both beginners and long-time practitioners, and Paige summarizes key tools to help a marketer through the proposal process. What I want to hone in on here, as a postscript to that recap, are some ideas to improve the workflow of Marketing Coordinators – the actual coordination bit of the job. (more…)

MARKETER’S TOOLBOX | Keeping Your Contacts in Context

February 21st, 2017

Featured Author

Michelle Santoro, CPSM

Director of Business Development

Skanska USA Building Inc.

Michelle Santoro, CPSM
  • SMPS-NY Director of Professional Development

A question or lead comes across your desk (email of course) and you slowly connect the dots to someone you met at an event one time….. but who and where?! Whether the reason is workload, a job transition, or simply getting out of practice, it is too easy to fall behind in maintaining your contact list (speaking from personal experience), but a valuable practice to help build your network and develop your business.

From marketing assistant to firm Principal, EVERYONE should maintain a contact list. You never know when your memory will be tested so why not keep a cheat sheet!

These tips may seem elementary but when you let the practice lapse, it is quite daunting to catch up again and you don’t want to get caught forgetting a would-be-VIP contact:

  • Take notes on the business card as soon as you can – date and event/location you met the person, work (similar clients, firm services) and personal (2 kids, vacations in FL, from your hometown) connections made.
  • Set time aside each week to enter into your contact system, Outlook or other.
  • Periodically back up your contacts into Excel.
  • Consider researching free apps that will scan and organize business card information (there are countless free options to it may take some trial and error to find what works for you).

EVENT RECAP | 2017 Creative Workshop Series Part II: InDesign Intermediate

February 14th, 2017

Featured Author

Paige Irvine

  • Chair, Spotlight Blog
  • SMPS-NY Communications Committee

Attendees viewed the second part of the Creative Workshop Series live from 5 locations. Langan, LERA, First Environment, KG&D and GPI hosted respectively from Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island. Where did you attend from?

Building off of the January’s InDesign basic training, Claudia McCue took us from walk to run with this intermediate tutorial. In a mere two hours she oriented us with master pages, numbering pages and sections, using layers wisely, customizing lists, nesting character and paragraph styles, constructing columns, manipulating tab stops, managing text frames and organizing tables. McCue offered dynamic solutions to formatting documents, peppering many of these functions with handy keyboard shortcuts.

See McCue keeping everyone’s hands busy in the pictures from each location here.

Are you interested in attending the upcoming Social Media & Web Tools and/or Photoshop workshops? Registration is free on the event pages.

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