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COMMITTEE CORNER | Sponsorship Committee

September 13th, 2017

Brian C. Ferry

Marketing Manager

Skanska USA

Brian C. Ferry



For some people, the thought of placing cold calls leaves that throw up aftertaste in their mouths. Visions of sleazy used-car salesmen. Family dinners being interrupted by landlines ringing with offers of mortgage refinancing opportunities. Trips to the mailbox to find junk mail instead of Grandma’s birthday card with the check in it.

You want ME to do that for the chapter?!

(Dry heaves)

Calm down. Take a deep breath. We’re not asking you to do that.

When I was asked to join the Sponsorship Committee in 2014 – long before I had any thought of being its Director – my first thought was, “I’m a terrible liar. I can’t sell things to people.” If that describes you, then you’re perfect for this committee. Sponsorship isn’t about the hard sell; it’s about drinking the Kool-Aid. (more…)

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