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THE Marketing Event (TME) 2017: Grow | Lead | Thrive

Some of the greatest marketing minds and talent in the A/E/C industry will convene on November 3, 2017, in the heart of New York City’s Financial District for a jam-packed day of innovative programming, sharing, and networking. THE Marketing Event (TME) 2017: Grow | Lead | Thrive will ignite your calling and propel you, your team, and your firm to new heights.


Frank Lippert Donna Corlew

To help reinforce the marketer’s voice in the conversations that will shape our future and that of our firms, we’ve invited Donna J. Corlew, FSMPS, CPSM, Chief Whatever It Takes Officer at C*Connect and SMPS Past President and Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM, Founder/Partner at Go Strategies, LLC, and SMPS Past President to lead TME’s activities. Donna and Frank will focus on crystallizing all the nuggets of wisdom you will have collected throughout the day, and guide you on how to put those insights into action.


Robert Peck

C.E.A. (Creativity Energizing Agent)


Rob Peck is an author, humorist and recovering perfectionist! True to the title of his new book - IT’S A JUGGLE OUT THERE, Rob’s moving speeches and uplifting seminars focuses on three things simultaneously: Stress management, Streamlining, & Simplifying. Rob's fun, fast paced programs combine comedy and content with eye-catching juggling and balancing visuals. With humor and heart, he offers fresh insights and 'outside the briefcase' ideas to decrease stress, increase focus, and go to work feeling less overloaded & underslept.

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Rob Peck is the C.E.A. (Creativity Energizing Agent) of Zestworks - a motivational speaking and training company whose core mission is to make content come alive by linking lessons with laughter. Rob's guiding principle is that high spirits mean low attrition, and when workplace morale goes up, energized job performance fuels organizational growth.

Rob Peck is a long time member of the National Speakers Association, who has appeared on CBS, NBC, CNBC and was a featured presenter at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institute. He is the recipient of numerous public speaking awards, and three time winner of Toastmaster International’s humorous speech contest. From Harvard to Hewlett Packard, Rob’s expertise in “juggling” has helped thousands of multi-tasking professionals reduce burnout, regain a better life balance, and combine a sense of purpose… with a spirit of fun!

TME 2017: Grow | Lead | Thrive will carry the energy that has brought marketing professionals to the table year after year, and will reinforce the marketer’s voice in the conversations that shape our future and that of our firms. Compelling programs will be offered in the following three areas:

TME 2017 Programs
Session 1: The 21st Century Marketer
The role of the professional services marketer is evolving, and SMPS members are increasingly branching out and becoming involved with other functions within their firms.
The role of marketers in design and construction firms continues to evolve: trainers, brand managers, IT specialists, strategists, project managers, and even adjunct HR staff. Since it became legal and ethical for professional services firms to market, the profession has grown and today practitioners are creating a revolution in their firms, providing marketing leadership at multiple levels. But how are they impacting their companies? This program will look at the myriad touch points where marketing and business development professionals are expanding their roles, and includes several case studies of SMPS members going beyond the typical marketing job description to add value to their firms.
Session led by:
    • Michael V. Geary, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)
    • Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, Vice President/CMO, JDB Engineering, Inc. and Director-At-Large, SMPS Board of Directors
    Session 2A: Evolution of the Modern Marketer: Critical Skills Needed to be Relevant Now and in the Future
    Learn how to ensure your skill set keeps up with the rapidly evolving world of marketing.
    Marketing is undoubtedly experiencing significant change and in the A/E/C industry, it’s evolving to become much more strategic, sophisticated and technologically empowered. That means that new skills, tools and approaches are required for today’s modern marketer. This session will help you understand how marketing is changing and what critical skills A/E/C marketers will need to be effective and remain relevant in the future. You'll learn about the growing demand for “hybrid” marketing professionals and the increasingly diverse skillset that will be essential for remaining relevant.
    Session led by:
      • Tim Asimos, CPSM, Vice President & Director of Digital Innovation, circle S studio
      Session 2B: Omnichannel Marketing: The Future of B2B is Here
      Omnichannel marketing remains one of the hottest and often confusing topics, but it’s also a model that promises to fundamentally change the way professional services firms see and do marketing.
      Although omnichannel marketing started as a B2C strategy, it’s rapidly gaining traction among service companies. While the potential return on omnichannel is exciting, it’s also not easy. It requires new knowledge, skills and technologies and perhaps, most difficult of all, a fundamental shift in how we see and do marketing. This session will demystify the concept of omnichannel by breaking it down into a series of practical concepts and showing how to incorporate omnichannel marketing into strategy, planning and the daily operations of your A/E/C firm.
      Session led by:
        • Ida Cheinman, Principal/Creative Director, Substance151
        Session 3: Leading with Your Whole Brain
        If you want to better communicate with the people in your world, create a powerful team by leveraging your colleagues’ diversity, and connect with those people who drive you nuts, let’s dive into Whole Brain® Thinking!
        Have you gotten frustrated at colleagues, not because of the quality of their work, but because of how they communicated? Do you have teams that include gifted individuals, but they don’t function well as a group? How we communicate can be a serious roadblock or an amazing asset. This interactive workshop will explore why The Human Connection® is important, and then dive into Whole Brain® Thinking–a communication tool that enables you to leverage different thinking preferences and communication styles to collaborate, market and negotiate with others. This tool will improve your decision-making, problem solving, strategic thinking and planning skills.
        Session led by:
          • Carol Doscher, President & CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), Graceworks
          Session 4A: Creating a Training Program that Will Elevate Your Company
          Learn how to develop and implement a successful training program–from structure, topics, and assignment of responsibilities to benchmarking against successful AEC programs.
          Marketing professionals need to exercise leadership and one way is to expand the "reach" of the role and the "depth" of responsibilities. As the role of marketing professionals in the A/E/C industry continues to evolve, the added responsibility of being your company's de-facto Chief Training Officer has taken on a greater portion of their time. Such a role is an obvious extension of a marketer's responsibilities since marketers are natural strategists, organizers, and teachers. By combining those strengths with the information provided in this session, marketers will build on their natural traits to continue to expand their role as leaders at their firms.
          Session led by:
            • Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, Vice President/CMO, JDB Engineering, Inc. and Director-At-Large, SMPS Board of Directors
            • William R. Long, PE, LEED AP, FSMPS, CPSM, Associate Vice President, P. Agnes, Inc.
            Session 4B: We Don't Need More, We Need More Meaningful
            Identify more effective ways of working within a team of professionals through meaningful conversations and agenda‐setting in order to accomplish common objectives.
            This program identifies communication strategies that will engage in more goal-oriented activities that are rooted in strategic action – not just adding more programs and protocol to an existing organization. You will learn how to maximize discussions with colleagues and set agendas to reduce roadblocks and improve accountability. Presented as a workable toolkit, this program focuses on the marketer and business developer’s role in influencing and facilitating business and organizational efforts using meaningful discussion, collaborating among peers, and streamlined consensus building.
            Session led by:
              • Salvatore Forgione, Manager of Marketing Communications, Michael Graves Architecture & Design

              Session 5: THRIVE
              Donna J. Corlew and Frank Lippert will lead a facilitated group discussion that will delve into the ideas and strategies that were discussed throughout the day so you can better position yourself, your team and your firms for growth and prosperity.

              NEW VENUE

              Andaz Wall Street is a lifestyle brand of Hyatt, one of the world’s top hospitality companies. Located at the corner of Wall and Water Streets in New York’s prime financial district, public transit stations, the subway, and ferries are within a moment’s walk.


              THE Marketing Event is a day-long professional development symposium with a grassroots founding. Designed to help professional services marketers further their skills and advance their careers, TME 2017 is all about original ideas that are relevant to the world in front of us and changing the way we think and engage all aspects of professional services marketing.

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When & Where

  • 11/03/2017
  • 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

  • Andaz Wall Street
  • 75 Wall Street
  • New York, NY 10005
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Registration & Pricing

  • $350.00   SMPS or AIA Member Early Bird (By Oct. 13)
  • $425.00   Non-Member Early Bird (By Oct. 13)
  • $425.00   SMPS or AIA Member
  • $500.00   Non-Member
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