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January 8th, 2016

Meredith Cocco

Director of Marketing

Meredith Cocco

Our 2016 Member of the Month program is starting off right with our intelligent, multi-talented January selection, Meredith Cocco. With a BA in art history and architectural studies from Brown University, Meredith flourishes in her position as the Director of Marketing at CetraRuddy. She contributes to our New York chapter through her participation in the membership committee and is a regular at SMPS chapter events. Let’s read below as Meredith has shared some of her thoughts and ideas.

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Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City?
I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Although I grew up in the suburbs, I always loved trips into the city, being exposed to all different types of art, culture and cuisine. After college, I moved to Boston for four years but would regularly visit friends living in NYC. During these visits, I fell in love with the instant energy and excitement I felt exiting the train station. I relocated to New York in 2011.

What motivated you to join the Membership Committee and what is the committee working on for 2016?
I was an active member of the SMPS Boston membership committee, and when I moved to New York I thought it would be a good way to connect and engage with a new chapter and new city. It has proven to be very satisfying in terms of gaining friendships and knowledge.

The membership committee has really been focused on developing quality membership – addressing the needs of members at all stages in their careers and working to provide benefits that encourage members to stay involved and active. We have a great group of committee members that collaborate on these efforts.

What are some challenges that you face daily in your career and how do you overcome them?
As Director of Marketing, I wear many hats, and no day in or out of the office is the same. With a slew of daily deadlines and requests, it can be challenging to remain focused and efficient. Regular prioritization and excellent communication internally within our department and externally with designers and principals has been a key factor in advancing our marketing efforts. Teamwork is also essential to our success – finding and capitalizing on each person’s strengths greatly improves productivity and outcome.

What degree(s) do you hold, and from what schools?
I have a BA from Brown University where I concentrated in Art History and Architectural Studies. I signed up for a history of modern architecture lecture the fall semester of my sophomore year and was hooked. It was the first time I really studied architecture and began to see the power of the built environment, and the possibilities and implications associated with designing space. Art, design, history and writing have been passions of mine so I appreciate the ability to incorporate each of them into my professional work. I have taken design related continuing education courses at Parsons since living in New York as well. I also competitively swam all four years at Brown…and consider that a second major.

Because you are our January Member of the Month, can you share with us some New Year’s resolutions?
I love to travel, so every year I have a goal to travel as much as I can – for inspiration, relaxation and motivation. This year I would also like to spend more time with family and friends – it helps keep the often very fast-paced NYC life in perspective.


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