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MEMBER OF THE MONTH: December 2015

December 1st, 2015

Kyle Fisher

Associate Principal

Kyle Fisher

December’s Member of the Month is Kyle Fisher, an Associate Principal at Arup. Based in New York, she guides the group’s marketing, business development, and communications team, with a focus on strategic positioning and facilitating best practice. With over 18 years of experience in the A/E/C industry, she has worked in marketing and business development in both the United States and China. Kyle is a CPSM and holds a BA from Brown University and a MArch from Rice University. Let’s read below as Kyle has shared some of her thoughts and ideas with us.

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Where are you from originally and what brought you to New York City?
I was born and raised in California, but haven’t lived there since I went off to college. Over the last twenty or so years I have lived in Providence, Houston, Philadelphia, Princeton, and Beijing. My moves always followed my education and career until I moved to New York. I came to New York 12 years ago to follow my husband. While living in China, he had started a design firm in New York. After 2 years of splitting time between his New York and Beijing studios, the commute became too much and we decided it was time to commit to being in New York.

Can you tell us more about your background in architecture and how it plays into your role as a marketer?
Throughout my education I was always intrigued by history theory as well as design. My educational journey was peppered with toggles back and forth between history and design. I never saw these two passions as an either or scenario, both were incredibly important and valuable to the way I think and problem solve; and both contribute to the way I approach marketing. On the one hand my love of history and writing underpins the work I do in crafting messaging and storytelling. My design background is applied to the work I do designing marketing systems, new tools, and also infuses the graphic work that the job requires.

Can you describe for us a typical day as an Associate Principal at Arup?
There is no typical day. I think that tends to be the case for senior staff at our firm and also for senior marketing staff in this industry. The nature of marketing in this industry is fast-paced and deadline driven, so each day can have completely new challenges. That said, my work focus has changed significantly over the last decade. Like many marketing professionals, I started in the industry working on proposals and my daily experience was focused on production. Increasingly my focus has shifted to strategy. The strategy I handle is very diverse from focusing on the design of new systems for collateral, working through improved and more sustainable knowledge management programs, to writing business plans.

Describe your perfect Saturday?
My perfect Saturday is spent upstate at our cabin in the Catskills. There I can garden, cook and go on long walks with our dog. The weeks tend to be long, so the weekends are my time to dial down, regroup and get mentally ready for the week ahead.

What blogs do you read on a regular basis?
Food, fashion and architecture blogs are my touchstones. Currently I am obsessed with Hunt Gather Cook. Sustainable food and the circular economy are concepts I am trying to grapple with in my life. Seeing others make these concepts tangible inspires me to do better.


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