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EVENT RECAP: November Spirits with SMPS-NY

November 25th, 2015

Featured Author

Kourtenay Mott

Marketing Manager


  • Winner, 2015 Mary Findlen
  • Professional Development Grant
Kourtenay Mott

SMPS-NY members had a great time mingling and networking at the November Spirits, held at Barcade in Chelsea.

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While attendees didn’t play too many games (they were too busy chatting with each other), the atmosphere was exciting as the bar lit up with games of childhood’s past. Current members, new members (one from Canada!) and prospective members alike had a great time sipping on craft beers, munching on an assortment of delicacies including tetris-shaped tater tots, and learning more about each other and about SMPS. It was a fantastic turnout and a successful Spirits event.


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