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August 26th, 2015

Julie Pampuch

Managing Director
WB Engineers+Consultants

Julie Pampuch
  • President, SMPS New York

Something that I really love in life is the sound of the starting horn at a race. Yes! I also love finish lines. I’ve crossed hundreds of them, but the excitement of crossing a finish line never gets old.

In a few days, I will be crossing a very special finish line – the end of my presidency. I imagine that at this finish line, I will pump my fist in celebration (I usually do)! What will I be celebrating? For one last time, I’m going to be cheering the unbelievable leadership team and volunteers of SMPS-NY and all that we’ve accomplished this year!

But before I can celebrate that finish line, I owe many people a final note of thanks…

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The 2014-15 Board of Directors (Alexis, Amy, Andrew, Connie, Corrine, Deborah, Jonas, Kat, Margaux, Michelle, Robin, Sarah, and Scott): You created this SMPS-NY story this year, I just narrated it. Thank you for giving me an amazing story to narrate! You are best of the best in the greatest city in the world – working with you has been the race of a lifetime. Thank you for thinking big, working incredibly hard, and being a great team. I kept hearing over and over at the national convention, “wow, NY had a great year…” To which my response was a big smile and “we had an OUTSTANDING year…”

I found this quote on the wall of an improv theater. It needed a one-word modification, but other than that, I think it describes perfectly who you are and what you did: “[Run] with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it…” – Wilferd Peterson

My Executive Committee (Sarah, Jason, Meredith and Alicia): I was never lonely, thanks to the most talented and experienced team in the history of executive committees by my side.

The Committee Chairs (Adria, Atena, Jeff, Genesis, Kathryn, Carrie, Michelle, Adrienne, Megan, Keith, Ian, Lucy, Erika, Shannon, and Nikki): You have played such an important role this year as the right hands of our directors. You’ve worked hard, often behind the scenes, to make this year great. Thank you for all of your support. I look forward to the great things that you will do as future chapter leaders!

The Mentor Group Leaders (Pat and Martha): Thank you for overseeing our Mentorship Program – it is a great program! And thanks for teaching me to love the Ramones.

The Leadership Champions (Rhonda, Sara and Kyle): The Leadership initiative started as a grassroots effort and has now become a great program our chapter offers. Thanks for recognizing the need to teach leadership at all levels, and for being the champions of this program.

The Coordinators Club Coordinator (Carrie): One of the things that I love most about our programming is the coordinators club. Thank you for finding your own vision for this club and making a great program even better.

Sally Handley: Thank you for your confidence, your mentorship, and your guidance. You took me under your wing as a new marketer and I just simply wouldn’t be writing my presidential farewell if you hadn’t.

Laura D’Aprix: Remember when you called me this year to tell me we had a problem with our taxes? Oh my – that got the adrenalin going! But in all seriousness, I would have slept many fewer hours this year if you hadn’t been on the team to handle logistics and finances.

Ben Sawa: My confidant, my mentor and a most deserving Chapter President of the Year. You taught me about leadership and business. You helped me tremendously. And your friendship is truly a great gift from this year.

To the ‘Committee’: Thanks for looking out for me.

Thank you, thank you to SMPS-NY for giving me the chance to lead. It has been a great joy.

And so, I’m tightening up my laces and putting on my orange sweatband. I’ve got a lot of final victory laps to take and only a few days to go. I better get started!

With gratitude,

P.S. To all SMPS-NY Past Presidents: I’m almost the newest member of your club! I hear that as the rookie member, I have to buy the drinks for our first get together! I look forward to it!


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